#AMMAShadowSchool Week 1

Hello!  I wanted to share my favorite eye shadow techniques so I created the #AMMAShadowSchool.  If you would like access to the instructional videos below, just request to join my AMMA Facebook Group!

Share this blog post with your friends so they can learn with you!  Feedback is always appreciated and I especially love interacting with the comments on the videos!


Day 1:  The Rules

This is a downloadable document that lists the rules!  The Rules


Day 2:  School Supplies

A downloadable document detailing supplies that will help you with this class!  School Supplies


Day 3:  The Wash Technique

The easiest technique which will give you a classic makeup look!  The Wash Technique Video


Day 4:  The Windshield Wiper Technique

Make your eyes look bigger and have more definition!  The Windshield Wiper Technique


Day 5:  The Halo Technique

This technique is a super easy way to give your eyes dimension and make them pop!  The Halo Technique




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