I love what I do.  I am a trained makeup artist and I have the power to give every women that sits in my chair the ability to feel more confident.  Not many professions have such power.

I witness the eyes’ of my client light up as I hand her the mirror after her makeover.  She sits up taller.  She smiles brighter.  She struts out into the world with grace.

She’s confident.  She’s confident because I play up the features that she already loves. Sure, she may still wish her lips were more full, or her cheek bones were higher.  But her eyes.  Her eyes are already a great feature, and after her makeover they really stand out.

Empowering other women with confidence is a true passion of mine.  I want to give YOU a makeover.  I want to see your best features and make them stand out.  For free.

Yes. For. Free.

I love self-love.  And more so, I love promoting self-love.

Here’s what I need you to do:

1. Take a makeup-free selfie (or almost makeup free is acceptable) and post it onto my business facebook page


2. Tag yourself and if you are friends with me tag my personal page, as well

3.  You must include the quote, “Beauty starts in your head, not in your mirror” somewhere in the picture.  Either type it onto the picture itself or hold up a piece of paper with the quote written/typed.

4. Use the hashtag #amandamillermakeupandbeauty in your description/post


Everyone that enters will win a free mini-makeover (date TBD).


1. You must be currently signed up for the text program

2. You must “Like” my business page on Facebook

3. The quote must be in the picture

4. You must use #amandamillermakeupandbeauty

5. *Just for fun since everyone wins* comment and leave a compliment on other women’s selfies


We are all uniquely beautiful.  The beauty just has to start in your head.

Much love,




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