My Personal Makeup Secrets, Tips & Tricks!

I typically showcase how to do fast, easy and simple makeup.  I’m all about that life.  I give myself about 15 minutes to get ready, and that includes applying makeup, doing my hair, and getting dressed.
However, every time I actually do my makeup, I get questioned on what I did differently.
Here’s what I do to get my makeup looking professional.  Two things:  I allow myself about 20-30 minutes to apply my makeup, and I add in a few extra steps and products to really amp up the look.
In this video, I go over ALL of my secrets, tips and tricks to get FANTASTIC looking makeup.  AND, I show you exactly how to do it on yourself.
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Products Used:
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant:
Tanwise Face Gel:
Simple Cleansing Face Wipes:
NYX Eyeliner Jet Black:
Benefit Ka-Brow in color #1:
NYX Stay Matte Not Flat:
Rimmel Lip Liner in Epic:
Rimmel Lipstick 41:
IT Cosmetics Brow Brush:
Younique Epic Mascara: Your favorite Younique Rep

Maskcara Products:
  • Sabrina -All over from lash line to crease
  • Fin -From lash line to crease
  • Bubba -Windshield wiper motion in crease
  • Trust -Outer edge and into the crease
  • Salem -Very outer edge of eye
  • I-Shadow Everything Brush -Use for entire eye look (I LOVE that I can use ONE brush!!!)
  • Oak -Fill in brows using short hair-like strokes
  • Contour Colors: Ash, Indigo, Shadow
  • Highlight Colors: Amber, June, Sunlit
  • Blush: Hollywood, Dessert Sunset
  • Illuminator: Pearl
  • 30 Second HAC Brush
  • Detail HAC Brush
  • Vanilla Dust Setting Powder
  • Power Powder Brush
  • B Squared Brush
  • Perfector Sponge
  • Stay Setting Spray

Maskcara Beauty products available here: 

To choose the right colors for you, simply contact me!

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Simple Everyday Makeup Look

Rachel’s Makeover

This is Rachel.  As you can see, she’s a natural beauty.  She works full-time, is the mom of a busy 2 year old, and she’s also expecting baby number two due in November!

I wanted to create a look that is simple, yet polished.  This makeup routine is quick and enhances natural beauty.  It’s wearable for various occasions — work, hanging out with the fam, or even going out for dinner/cocktails (you’re almost there, Rach! haha!).

I absolutely LOVE a muted, matte eye with glowing skin.

For specific details on this look, I whipped up this video for you!

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What I used:

IIID Foundation
Highlight:  Sunlit
Contour:  Stone
Blush + Lips:  Nude
Illuminator:  Pearl
Eyeshadow:  London and Pup mixed together and swept on lid from lashline to just above the crease.
Eyeshadow:  Oak applied to the brows to give definition, open the eyes, and give a more polished look.
Mascara:  Better Than Sex by Benefit
30 Second HAC Brush used for contour, highlight and blush.
B Squared Brush used to set the highlight and contour.  I mixed Cayman Bronzer and Vanilla Dust setting powder and swept all over her face
Perfector Sponge
I-Shadow Everything Brush
It Cosmetics Eyebrow Brush

Maskcara makeup products can be purchased at

If you would like me to color-match you, please send a makeup-free selfie that is taken in natural light.



I love what I do.  I am a trained makeup artist and I have the power to give every women that sits in my chair the ability to feel more confident.  Not many professions have such power.

I witness the eyes’ of my client light up as I hand her the mirror after her makeover.  She sits up taller.  She smiles brighter.  She struts out into the world with grace.

She’s confident.  She’s confident because I play up the features that she already loves. Sure, she may still wish her lips were more full, or her cheek bones were higher.  But her eyes.  Her eyes are already a great feature, and after her makeover they really stand out.

Empowering other women with confidence is a true passion of mine.  I want to give YOU a makeover.  I want to see your best features and make them stand out.  For free.

Yes. For. Free.

I love self-love.  And more so, I love promoting self-love.

Here’s what I need you to do:

1. Take a makeup-free selfie (or almost makeup free is acceptable) and post it onto my business facebook page

2. Tag yourself and if you are friends with me tag my personal page, as well

3.  You must include the quote, “Beauty starts in your head, not in your mirror” somewhere in the picture.  Either type it onto the picture itself or hold up a piece of paper with the quote written/typed.

4. Use the hashtag #amandamillermakeupandbeauty in your description/post


Everyone that enters will win a free mini-makeover (date TBD).


1. You must be currently signed up for the text program

2. You must “Like” my business page on Facebook

3. The quote must be in the picture

4. You must use #amandamillermakeupandbeauty

5. *Just for fun since everyone wins* comment and leave a compliment on other women’s selfies


We are all uniquely beautiful.  The beauty just has to start in your head.

Much love,




5 Minute Makeup

If you’re constantly on the move like me, then you know putting yourself together quickly is essential.  In this video, I will demonstrate a five minute technique that’ll look like it took you much longer to achieve!