3 Beauty Tips You Should NOT Try

3 Beauty Tips You Should NOT Try

With over 17 years in the beauty industry, I’ve witnessed, heard and even tried some of the dumbest beauty tips and tricks out there.  The goal of this post is to save you money, time, and maybe even some pain.  These are 3 beauty tips you should not try along with their safe and effective alternatives!

Remove Spray Tan with Magic Eraser


Yup.  You read that correctly.  I’ve had clients actually reach out to me and tell me that they saw this on the internet and wondered if they should try it.  My answer is always the same.  “NO!”  “Nope.”  “Don’t even think about it.”  Now, I understand that as our spray tan or self-tanner fades, it can look uneven.  No one wants to walk around looking like they rolled in dirt.  Trust me…I get it!  BUT using a Magic Eraser can lead to chemical burns, chafing, peeling, or even a visit to your nearest hospital.  It’s meant for nonporous surfaces, not human skin.

Safe Alternative:  Instead of a Magic Eraser, try using baby oil and a washcloth.  Baby oil will remove the old tanner quickly, easily, and safely!

Pop a Zit With A Safety Pin

As a licensed aesthetician, I’m telling you right now to LEAVE. THE. ZIT. ALONE.  Sit on your hands if you have to.  Stop touching it.  Do NOT pierce it with a sharp object. When you break the skin with an unsterilized object, you’re allowing the bacteria on your face to penetrate.  The contents of the zit will only spread and make things worse.  This will lead to scarring and lengthening the healing process. Popping your pimples will cause a vicious cycle of future breakouts, but if you absolutely have to extract a pesky zit, drop the safety pin!

Healthy Alternative: Take two Q-Tips on either side of the pimple, press down and under to safely extract.  Clean your skin before and after this process.  It’s always good to close the pores afterward with a toner or witch hazel.  You can even apply Neosporin right after you extract to disinfect, speed up healing, and prevent scarring.

Use a Colored Pencil as Eyeliner

Two years ago, I made bi-weekly appearances on a morning show in St. Louis talking about quick makeup tips and tricks. Because I was producing so much content, I would spend hours searching the web for new interesting content to test and talk about on the show, and to my dismay, using a colored pencil as eyeliner was a makeup “hack” that I saw over and over again. Are people actually doing this?! I mean, I’ve seen some really crazy attention-seeking stuff on the internet, but I had to look deeper. Turns out…yes, this is a thing.

PSA Time: Makeup which is made for the eyes must be approved by the FDA.  Using colorants that are not intended to be used on or near the eyes can result in irritation, infection, and even blindness.  There are multiple tests that are used before labeling something “safe for eyes”, and I don’t think colored pencils passed that test…

Safe Alternative: If you’re feeling adventurous and wanting to try a fun, bright eyeliner, don’t reach for your kid’s colored pencils!  Instead, take your eye shadow of choice and a small angled brush.  Get the bristles of the brush damp and draw a line close to your lash line.  BAM!  DIY eyeliner. 

Not all beauty advice is created equal. In fact, some advice is just dumb.

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