Do This BEFORE You Spray Tan

Do This BEFORE You Spray Tan
As a fair-skinned gal, I’m very experienced at spray tanning (in a booth and airbrush) and applying self-tanner.  I’m a licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist, so I know the importance of taking care of your beautiful skin too.  Something I’ve learned is before spray tanning, you should absolutely prep your skin.  What do I mean by prep your skin?  Keep reading and you’ll see that I’ve outlined a few easy steps to ensure your skin is ready for that next spray tan appointment!
The first thing you want to decide is when you need the tan.  For example, let’s say you want your faux glow for an event on Saturday.  That means you will need to heavily exfoliate and hydrate your skin on Wednesday, exfoliate again and shave on Thursday, quick shower, and then tan on Friday.  Gorgeous golden glow by Saturday.  Follow these steps to prep your skin for the perfect tan!

Two Days Before:

Heavily exfoliate and hydrate your skin.  Hydration is key!  When your skin is properly hydrated, your fake tan will not only apply incredibly well, but it will last longer and fade more evenly.  

To accomplish soft and hydrated skin, I recommend Dermasuri Exfoliating GloveAnti-Cellulite Massage Oil, and 100% Pure Raw African Ivory Shea Butter
Dermasuri MittAfrican Shea Butter      Anti Cellulite Massage Oil
Here’s what you do:
  1. Before you get in the shower, take your Dermasuri Mitt and run it under warm water.  Then, on your DRY skin, rub vigorously (pretty firmly), working in small sections all over your body.  You will literally see your skin start to ball up and fall off.  It’s AMAZING!  This is the best mitt on the market!
  2. Once your dead skin is sloughed off, hop in the shower.  Skip shaving.  Wash your body as normal.  When you are done showering, don’t dry off just yet.
  3. Apply the Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil all over.  I bring it in the shower with me (but I don’t leave it in there) so it’s nice and warm, and convenient for me to grab right after I turn off the water.  This oil will seal moisture into your fresh, new skin.   
  4. Pat dry.  
  5. Scoop out some of the Shea Butter with a spoon.  Rub in your hands until it melts, and then apply all over.
  6. Get dressed in your pajamas and wake up to the softest and most hydrated skin of your life!

One Day Before:

The night before your tan application, hop in the shower and shave.  But before you shave, I recommend doing a quick Sugar Scrub Exfoliation all over.  I love this one from Tree Hut.  But you could use whatever you prefer!
Tree Hut Sugar Scrub
After you exfoliate and then shave, make sure you rinse off your legs with a washcloth, loofah or whatever you typically use.  The reason I say this is because most razors will leave a film on your skin that helps the razor glide over the skin.  This film will create a barrier and will not allow the tan to penetrate evenly.  It’s so important that you don’t skip this step! 

If you have dry skin, or cannot stand the feeling of your skin without lotion, go ahead and apply a light layer all over to keep your skin hydrated and prepped for your new tan.  It’s best to use a lotion that does not contain: mineral oil, alcohol, fragrance, or dyes.

Here are some lotions that I recommend.  These lotions are perfect for before AND after your tan!
  Cetaphil   Hempz MoisturizerThe Day Of:

If you have the chance to shower before your tan application, it’s best to do so 30-60 minutes beforehand.  Hop in a warm shower to remove makeup, deodorant, perfumes, and lotions.  The shower will open up your pores and remove the cosmetic barriers.  However, if you don’t have time for a shower, don’t worry!  You can do a quick cleanse by using a face wipe or even a baby wipe.  

After Your Tan:

Follow the directions from your tan provider or solution label.  You can typically shower anywhere from 1-24 hours after the tan application.  While your tan is on, avoid scrubbing or rubbing the skin, exfoliating soap, and lotions with perfume.  The lotions I recommended above work great for keeping your tan looking fresh.

Enjoy That Glow!
I know this could seem like a lot of prep work, but if you know me personally, you know that I like things simple, quick and easy — especially when it comes to spray tanning. Trust me when I say these steps take just a couple of minutes each night.  They’re all really easy.  It’s just a matter of using the right products on the right days to prepare your skin for the perfect golden glow.

Don’t forget to make sure your makeup matches your new tan!  If you need help with that, fill out my color match form and I’ll get you all set up with Maskcara Beauty products.

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