Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit by becoming an Independent Seint Artist.  Join my team and do something you're passionate about.


My name is Amanda Miller. I have been a business owner for over a decade, and a professional makeup artist for more than 17 years.  I joined the Seint Artist Program because I loved and believed in the products, but I hated the idea of network marketing. Quickly, I had decided that I would vow to never use the traditional, annoying network marketing tactics, but instead implement real business strategies that I had learned over the years as a business owner. I've stayed true to myself while also building a successful Seint business. By joining my team, you are accepting my invitation to learn effective business strategies that convert to income, all while helping people bring out their natural beauty.  Welcome and I look forward to talking soon!

If you are located in Canada, click here for more specific details regarding the Artist Program. Right now, all provinces are offering sign-ups except Quebec.

The Artist Program

  • Details
  • Compensation
  • inventory
  • There are no minimum sales requirements
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Seint handles all customer service claims
  • There is a $12.95/mo back office fee
  • You do not have to be a beauty professional
  • Training resources are available
  • This is your business, you control your success
  • You aren't required to have a team

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The Artist Kits

Basic Kit - $199
Pro Kit - $399

In order to become a Seint Artist, you're required to purchase an Artist kit. You cannot handpick which shades you'll receive but you'll get everything shown in the image above.