Seint Beauty was created by a professional makeup artist. Most of the products are cremes, so they look much more like natural skin and less like a cakey mask. Cremes are also easier to blend and add dimension to your face. All products are cruelty-free, paraben-free and gluten-free!

  • Highlight

  • Contour

  • Lip + Cheek

  • Illuminator

What is Highlight?

This color should be lighter than your natural skin tone. The yellow turns creamy on the skin and gives you a “lit from within” glow! With the small end of the HAC brush apply this shade to the bridge of the nose, beneath your eyes and down the side of the nose in a pie piece shape, between your brows, on the chin and along the jawline.

Highlight And Contour

This is a before and after showing what one layer of Seint Beauty can do!  Just look at that coverage...


Color Matched.

Getting a professional color match will make all the difference with your Seint Beauty experience.  It is important you let an expert like Amanda Miller color match you, so the shades match your skin tone!  Just click the button above and fill out the form.

  • Consolidate

  • Save Money

  • Skincare

  • MILK

  • Brushes

Save Space

Seint Beauty's customizable system allows you to consolidate an entire drawerful of makeup into one palette!

Replace one shade without having to purchase an entirely new palette (save $)

Customizable compacts

Magnetic compacts secure makeup tins

Premium quality brushes are good for powders and perfect for cremes

100% free shipping (U.S.) no matter the order amount

Free compact with qualifying purchase


Seint Beauty is perfect for ALL skin shades!

Seint Beauty is perfect for ALL ages too!

Seint Beauty is superior to powder-based makeup, because it doesn't accentuate fine lines in the face.  In the video above, you can see a demonstration of how well Seint Beauty enhances more age-advanced beauty.


Color Matched.