Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit by becoming a Canadian Seint Artist!  Seint Beauty has been in Canada for less than two years, so this may be the "ground floor" opportunity you've been looking for! 


Amanda Miller here. I have been a business owner for over a decade, and a professional makeup artist for more than 17 years.  I joined the Seint Artist Program because I loved and believed in the products. Perhaps that is why you're here too! I'd love for you to join my team, but before you do that, check out the information I've layed out for you below. Everything from compensation to inventory (which you don't have to carry). Welcome and I look forward to talking soon!

The Artist Program

  • Details
  • Compensation
  • inventory
  • There are no minimum sales requirements
  • Free shipping on orders over $125
  • Seint handles all customer service claims
  • There is a C$14.95/mo back office fee
  • You do not have to be a beauty professional
  • Training resources are available
  • This is your business, you control your success
  • You aren't required to have a team

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The Artist Kit

Basic Kit - C$279